Matlab 模型:SERDES, ADC, PLL等

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MathWorks has brought together our most popular examples in one mixed-signal library. The library contains blocks, examples, and tutorials—all with full help—to enable you to build and verify your mixed-signal systems in Simulink. The latest version of the library (version 3.2) provides some minor bug fixes from previous versions.
What you can do with the mixed-signal library

    Build SERDES, ADC, PLL, digital predistortion, and switched-mode power supply models
    Easily combine analog and digital blocks in the same Simulink model to rapidly simulate mixed-signal systems
    Build fast behavioral models and evolve them to circuit simulations
    Link the mixed-signal library to SPICE modeling tools from Cadence and other vendors

What's in the library

    52 blocks for use with Simulink, including clock recovery, loop filter, VCO, jitter measurement, op-amp, and Ebers-Moll
    39 examples, featuring SERDES, ADC, digital predistortion, PLL, signal integrity, switched-mode power supply, and more
    Behavioral and circuit modeling blocks and examples
    Tutorials covering ADC, PLL, and digital predistortion
    Help for every block, including guides for getting started, tutorials, mixed-signal resources, and next steps

To make the mixed-signal library easy to use, it fully integrates with Simulink. The blocks and examples appear in the Simulink Library Browser—just the same as any blockset or system toolbox.

mixed-signal-library.part1.rar (14 MB)
mixed-signal-library.part2.rar (14 MB)
mixed-signal-library.part3.rar (14 MB)
mixed-signal-library.part4.rar (5.56 MB)

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