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Job Description:

Ø  In this position, you will beworking on LED backlight/flash and ASSP Power circuits using state-of-the artprocess technology, as well as be involved in the design of high performancedigital circuits interfacing to leading edge analog circuitry as part of anoverall system.

Ø  Your responsibilities willinclude RTL coding, simulation, synthesis, timing closure, verification,evaluation, debugging of chips both at the circuit level and behavioral level.

Ø  As a digital design engineeryou will develop digital IP to be combined with TI’s industry leading analogtechnology to create cutting edge solutions for the next generation phone,tablet, notebook and automotive displays. You will be a key team member fromconcept through validation in the customer’s end equipment and working closelywith the top talent in the industry in displays systems and analog design. Youwill architect and design the digital IP and evaluate pre and post siliconfunction and performance. You will collaborate with the full productdevelopment team to get your product into high volume applications.

Basic Qualifications

Ø  A minimum of 7 years ofrelative experience;

Ø  A thorough understanding ofdigital logic design flow including RTL coding, digital synthesis, timingconstraints, timing closure, PnR and back annotation simulation;

Ø  Familiarity with the Veriloglanguage, VerilogAMS and simulators, as well as scripting languages;

Ø  A good understanding of analogfunctionality and exposure to analog IC design methods;

Ø  Ability to solve problemsusing a systematic approach。

Preferred Qualifications & Skills

1.      Experience with System Verilog;

2.      Demonstrated strong analyticaland problem solving skills;

3.      Strong verbal and writtencommunication skills;

4.      Ability to work in teams andcollaborate effectively with people in different functions and across timezones;

5.      Strong time management skillsthat enable on-time project delivery;

6.      Demonstrated ability to buildstrong, influential relationships;

7.      Ability to work effectively ina fast-paced and rapidly changing environment;

8.      Ability to take the initiativeand drive for results。


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