Atmel MSL4164 LED电视机直接背光解决方案

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Atmel公司MSL4163/MSL4164是电视机直接背光LED驱动器.MSL4164具有20MHz SPI总线,每串LED的电流为100mA,电流精度和匹配度优于3%,可驱动16x10个白光LED,16个器件级联可驱动高达2560个白光LED.而MSL4163提供1MHz I2C串口.器件包括先进的PWM引擎,以及片上EEPROM等,主要用在电视和台式电脑监视器,医疗和工业仪表,汽车音/视频显示器.本文介绍了MSL4163/MSL4164主要特性,方框图和典型应用电路,级联连接电路.

The Atmel mSilica MSL4164 compact, high-power LED string driver uses internal current control MOSFETs to sink up to 100mA per string, with current accuracy and matching better than 3%. The MSL4164 drive 16 parallel strings of 10 white LEDs each, for a total of 160 white LEDs per device. Sixteen interconnected devices control up to 2560 white LEDs.

The MSL4164 features a 20MHz SPI bus, and the MSL4163 offers a 1MHz I2C serial interface. Both interfaces support video frame-by-frame LED string intensity control for up to 16 interconnected devices to allow active area dimming. The devices include an advanced PWM engine that easily synchronizes to a video signal, and per-string phase adjustment to reduce unwanted LCD artifacts such as motion blur. Additionally, an on-chip EEPROM allows the power-up defaults to be customized through the serial interface.

The MSL4163/4 adaptively control the DC-DC converters that power the LED strings, using Atmel’s Adaptive SourcePower™ technology. These efficiency optimizers minimize power use, while maintaining LED current accuracy.

A unique combination of peak current controls and pulse width management offer simple, full- screen brightness control, versatile area dimming, and a consistent white point. One external resistor sets the global peak reference current for all LED strings, and global peak current fine-tuning is available through an 8-bit register. Global string drive pulse width is adjusted with an 8-bit global intensity register, and individual string pulse width is modulated with 12-bit registers.

The MSL4163/4 feature fault monitoring of open circuit, short circuit, loss of video sync, and over-temperature conditions, and provide a fault output to notify the system controller. Detailed fault status and control are available through the serial interface.

The MSL4163/4 are offered in 6 x 6 x 0.75mm, 40-pin TQFN packages and operate over a -40℃ to 85℃ temperature range.


•  12-bit PWM String Dimming Operates at 240Hz

•  Fast Serial Interfaces Support up to 16 Devices per Bus:

- MSL4164: 20MHz SPI

- MSL4163: 1MHz I2C

•  8-bit Adaptive Power Correction Maximizes Efficiency of up to Three String Power Supplies

•  Drives 16 Parallel LED Strings of 10 White LEDs Each, for up to 2560 White LEDs per Serial Bus

•  Supports Adaptive, Real-time Area Dimming for Highest Dynamic Range LCD TVs and Monitors

•  Programmable String Phase Reduces Motion Blur

•  Global Intensity Control via Serial Interface

•  100mA Peak, 60mA Average LED String Current

•  Single Resistor Sets Peak Current for all LED Strings

•  ±3% Current Accuracy and Current Balance

•  Video Frame (Vsync) and Line (Hsync) Sync Inputs

•  Sync Loss Detectors Optionally Disable LED Strings

•  Multiple MSL4163/4s Share String Power Supplies and Automatically Negotiate the Optimum Supply Voltage

•  EEPROM Allows Customized Power-on Defaults

•  Less than 1μa LED String-off Leakage Current

•  String Open Circuit and LED Short Circuit Detection with Adjustable Short Circuit Threshold

•  Individual Fault Detection Enable for Each String

•  Over-temperature Shutoff Protection

•  -40℃ To +85℃ Operating Temperature Range

•  4kv HBM ESD Rated String Drive Outputs


Long Life, Efficient LED Backlighting for:

•  Televisions and Desktop Monitors

•  Medical and Industrial Instrumentation

•  Automotive Audio-visual Displays




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