jrj317 2011-4-10 08:16
dm-linear ========= Device-Mapper's "linear" target maps a linear range of the Device-Mapper device onto a linear range of another device. This is the basic building block of logical volume managers. Parameters: dev path offset dev path: Full pathnam ...
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jrj317 2011-4-10 08:15
kcopyd ====== Kcopyd provides the ability to copy a range of sectors from one block-device to one or more other block-devices, with an asynchronous completion notification. It is used by dm-snapshot and dm-mirror. Users of kcopyd must first create a client and indicate how many memory pages t ...
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jrj317 2011-4-10 08:11
KERNEL THREADS Freezer Upon entering a suspended state the system will freeze all tasks. This is done by delivering pseudosignals. This affects kernel threads, too. To successfully freeze a kernel thread the thread has to check for the pseudosignal and enter the refrigerator. Code to do this ...
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Power Management Interface
jrj317 2011-4-10 08:09
Power Management Interface The power management subsystem provides a unified sysfs interface to userspace, regardless of what architecture or platform one is running. The interface exists in /sys/power/ directory (assuming sysfs is mounted at /sys). /sys/power/state controls system power s ...
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System Power Management States
jrj317 2011-4-10 08:08
System Power Management States The kernel supports three power management states generically, though each is dependent on platform support code to implement the low-level details for each state. This file describes each state, what they are commonly called, what ACPI state they map to, and wha ...
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swsusp/S3 tricks
jrj317 2011-4-10 08:07
swsusp/S3 tricks ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Pavel Machek If you want to trick swsusp/S3 into working, you might want to try: * go with minimal config, turn off drivers like USB, AGP you don't really need * turn off APIC and preempt * use ext2. At least it ...
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Device Power Management
jrj317 2011-4-10 08:06
Device Power Management Device power management encompasses two areas - the ability to save state and transition a device to a low-power state when the system is entering a low-power state; and the ability to transition a device to a low-power state while the system is running (and independent ...
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Platform Devices and Drivers
jrj317 2011-4-10 08:04
Platform Devices and Drivers ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Platform devices ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Platform devices are devices that typically appear as autonomous entities in the system. This includes legacy port-based devices and host bridges to peripheral buses. Platform drivers ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ...
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Bus Types
jrj317 2011-4-10 08:03
Bus Types Definition ~~~~~~~~~~ struct bus_type { char* name; struct subsystemsubsys; struct ksetdrivers; struct ksetdevices; struct bus_attribute* bus_attrs; struct device_attribute* dev_a ...
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Device Classes
jrj317 2011-4-10 08:02
Device Classes Introduction ~~~~~~~~~~~~ A device class describes a type of device, like an audio or network device. The following device classes have been identified: Insert List of Device Classes Here Each device class defines a set of semantics and a programming interface that ...
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