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What is IC packages?- DIP

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IC packages, circuit pin refers to silicon wafers, with a wire escorts to external joints to connect with other devices. Refers to the installation package semiconductor integrated circuit chip with a shell. Not only does it play installation, fixed, sealing effect, protect and enhance the electric properties of the chip, etc., but also via the contacts on the chip with a wire to the package housing pins, which in turn leads through the printed circuit board connected to other devices, in order to connect the chip with an external circuit. Because the chip must be isolated from the outside world, in order to prevent corrosion of impurities in the air caused by the electrical circuit chip performance.

Integrated Circuit has many packages,Now let us introduce 1 packages today: 一:DIP Dual In-Line Package
DIP (DualIn-LINE PACKAGE) refers to the use of dual inline package in the form of an integrated circuit chip, the vast majority of small and medium-scale integrated circuit (IC) are using this package, the pin count is generally not more than 100. DIP packages CPU chip has two rows of pins, you need to be inserted into a DIP chip socket structure. Of course, it can be directly inserted in the same number of holes and weld geometry circuit board welding. DIP packaged chips from the chip socket plug should be especially careful in order to avoid damage to the pins.
DIP package characteristics as belows:
1. For perforation soldered PCB (printed circuit board) for easy operation.
2. The ratio between the chip area and packaging area is large, so the volume is large.
INTEL CPU series in 8088 on the use of this package, the cache (Cache) and early memory chips is this package.

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