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Robot receptionists will in the Bank of Japan, 19-lingual IC worth you have

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Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ preparing to introduce robots "NAO" (Nikkei).


BEIJING, Jan. 15, according to Japanese media reported on the 15th, a Japanese bank will introduce robots in the business customer reception hall. The bank plans from the operating room in Tokyo's attempt to expand around the spring of 2015, and so determine whether a formal introduction of this robot. This bank wants to use advanced aircraft in the operating room and other technology to improve quality of service.


Allegedly, plans to introduce the French Aldebaran Robotics has developed called "NAO" of. Its high 58 cm and weighs 5.4 kg, in addition to the face and image recognition functions, but also use the 19-lingual dialogue.


Bank is planning to join the related functions of the robot. Through dialogue with customers such as business process flow description; use of behavioral analysis techniques to identify remittance fraud, and other possible trouble.


Tokyo will host the Olympics in 2020, the initiative is in response to the increase of Japanese tourists to visit. Whether the future will enable all 19 languages to discuss, but the bank wants to make "NAO" as much as possible in the use of the corresponding language.


Intuitive voice chip from the name, is that voice-related chip, voice is the sound of electronic storage, who can sound chip that voice chip, sound chip, commonly known in English more accurately, it should be Voice IC.

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