Cirrus CS1601 120W数字PFC控制方案

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Cirrus公司的CS1601和CS1601H是用于电子镇流器的数字PFC控制器,具有最低的PFC系统成本.控制器工作在可变频率不连续导通模式(VFDCM)和零电流开关,具有最好的THD和最小化磁性元件尺寸.主要用在LED电源/驱动器,荧光灯镇流器和HID镇流器.本文介绍了CS1601和CS1601H主要特性, 方框图, 应用电路图和120W高效PFC演示板主要特性,电路图和材料清单.

The CS1601 and CS1601H are digital power factor correction (PFC) controllers designed to deliver the lowest PFC system cost in electronic ballast applications. The controller operates in a variable frequency discontinuous conduction mode (VFDCM) with zero-current switching (ZCS) optimized to deliver best-in-class THD and minimize the size and cost of magnetic components. The CS1601 operates at switching frequencies up to 70kHz while the CS1601H operates at frequencies extending to 100kHz.

The VF-DCM control algorithm varies both duty cycle and frequency. This spreads the EMI frequency spectrum, thus reducing conducted EMI filtering requirements. In addition, the maximum switching frequency is reached at the peak of the AC input, which allows for use of a smaller, more cost-effective boost inductor.

The feedback loop is closed through an integrated compensation network within the controller, eliminating the need for additional external components. Protection features such as overvoltage, overcurrent, open and short-circuit protection, overtemperature, and brownout protect the system during abnormal transient conditions.


Low PFC System Cost

Best-in-class THD

Digital EMI Noise Shaping Reduces Conducted EMI

Adaptive Switching Frequency Control Minimizes Boost Inductor Size

High Efficiency Due to Zero-current Switching

Integrated Feedback Compensation Simplifies System Design

Comprehensive Safety Features

• Undervoltage Lockout (UVLO)

• Output Overvoltage Protection

• Cycle-by-cycle Current Limiting

• Input Voltage Brownout Protection

• Open/Short Loop Protection for IAC & IFB Pins

• Thermal Shutdown

Pin placement similar to traditional boundary mode (CRM) Controllers


LED Power Supply/Driver

Fluorescent Ballasts

HID Ballasts

图1. CS1601/1H方框图

图2. CS1601/1H应用电路图

CS1601 120W高效PFC演示板

The CDB1601-120W board demonstrates the performance of the CS1601 digital PFC controller as a standalone unit. This board is 95% efficient at full load, and has been tailored for use with a resonant second stage to power up to two T5 fluorescent lamps for a maximum output power of 108W. A resonant second stage driver efficiency of 94% is assumed for this application.


Line Voltage Range: 108 to 305 VACrms

Output Voltage (VLINK): 460V

Rated Pout : 115W

Efficiency: 95% @ 115W

Spread Spectrum Switching Frequency

Integrated Digital Feedback Control

Low Component Count

图3. 120W高效PFC演示板外形图

图4. 120W高效PFC演示板电路图

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