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NO.59-【猎头职位:上海需要一位 Sr. Staff Planner】联系人:Heidi-Yang,邮箱,微信也可查询职位了!打开手机微信,搜号码“KTHR_COM”或查找微信公众帐号“KT人才”或扫描以上二维码即可添加,欢迎大家关注!

Job Description

Ø  Support order fulfillment activities fromscheduling to shipment

Ø  Manage pipeline inventory includes load balancing,delivery performance and ship allocation on assigned products

Ø  Own and manage KPI like OTD, LT stability, excessand shortages

Ø  Support special order builds for prototypes, sampleprogram and volume production

Ø  Manage channel distribution strategies likebuild-to-die bank, VMI, hub buffering and consignment

Ø  Review build plan and forecast die load

Ø  Coordinate with Engineering on product requirementsfor both production and prototypes

Ø  Work closely with Customer Service, Sales andMarketing to support order fulfillment and maintain customer intimacy

Ø  Manage and develop close relationship withsuppliers and manufacturers for strategic partnership

Ø  Communicate with suppliers on schedule changes,builds requirements, allocation dates, info records, and scorecard reviews

Ø  Handle logistics shipments to comply withinternational import/export requirements

Job Requirement:

Ø  Degreein Business Administration/Manufacturing Engineering or equivalent, with aminimum of 12 years Planning related semiconductor industry experience

Ø  Preferablywith planning experience in managing demand to order fulfillment

Ø  Self-drivenand goals oriented

Ø  Strongsystem skills in an ERP planning system required, Netsuite specifically is astrong plus

Ø  Goodcommunication and analytic skills (English required)

Ø  Proficientin Microsoft Office Applications (Excel, Word, etc)

Ø  Eligibleto work in country of hire (China) without restriction. No relocation/positionin Shanghai.

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