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Job Description:

Ø  Supportcustomers to develop/migrate application programs based on our hardwareplatform

Ø  Evaluateand optimize customer applications' performance and power consumption

Ø  Workwith system engineer to debug our software/hardware system

Ø  Feedbackimproving suggestions to hardware/architecture design

Job Requirement:

Ø  MinimumBS degree in CS, SW, EE or other equivalent fields; higher degree ispreferable.

Ø  5+years of industrial experience.

Ø  Solidunderstanding of low-level system details, including the boot process, deviceinitialization, device communication including DMA, device drivers, programlinking and loading, and power consumption.

Ø  Solidunderstanding about Linux kernel and C compiler

Ø  Solidknowledge about software/hardware co-design

Ø  Excellentprogramming skills with C/C++

Ø  Knowledgeabout machine learning applications is a plus

Ø  Goodscripting skills with Python/Shell

Ø  Englishproficiency is highly preferred.

Ø  Self-driven,result-oriented; able to multi-task and determine priorities.

Ø  Aproven fast learner and a team player.

Ø  Experienceof working with foreign coworkers and remote teams is a plus.

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