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1The main deliverable isthe timely release of meticulously analyzed and simulated IC designs orsub-sections of designs. These designs should lead to cost-effective, highquality, bug-free products that fully meet our customer’s end-systemrequirements

2System levelunderstanding and analysis; and the ability to translate requirements to an ICspec

3Must account for systemlevel behavior, testability, debug, characterization, and production and yieldtargets in the IC design phase

4IC system partitioningand signal chain analysis, architectural tradeoff analysis

5Block level topologyselection, transistor level implementation and large/small signal analysis

6Worst caseidentification, top level simulation, Monte Carlo analysis, and simulation dataanalysis

7Physical layoutmanagement, signal grounding and routing tradeoffs, die area optimization

8Post layout parasiticextraction and simulation, verification of all IC level performance metrics

9Top level verification,block level modeling, top level simulation.


1MS in Electronic Engineering with Microelectronics or Semiconductor DevicePhysics education background

23~6 years of experience in analog and mixed signal design

3Strong Competency in analysis, transistor level design and implementationof several analog functions including bandgap, amplifiers, comparators,oscillators, DAC etc.

4Strong Competency in Bipolar, CMOS and high voltage BCD process physics

5Mass production experience in power management ICs including LDO, chargepump, DC/DC converter, etc.

6Verification of Blocks across PVT, Statistical mismatch

• Organizational Skills:

- Ability to work well with internal cross functionalteams (systems, test, verification, validation, applications, marketing, etc.)to resolve issues and generate business success.

- Problem solving and English communication (writtenand oral) are important skills in this role.

-Must be able to manage assignedtasks with minimal supervision.


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