Senior Digital Backend Design Engineer

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NO.422-【猎头职位:上海需要两位 Senior Digital Backend Design Engineer 】联系人:Edward-Duan,邮箱,微信也可查询职位了!打开手机微信,搜号码“KTHR_COM”或查找微信公众帐号“KT人才”或扫描以上二维码即可添加,欢迎大家关注!

Job Description

1.Work with FEteam to understand chip architecture and drive physical aspects early in designcycle;

2.Designautomation; Construct, Guide, Modify, Enhance Timing tools and flows;

3.Top levelfloorplan, partition floorpan, P&R, timing and physical sign off.

Key Qualification

1.The idealcandidate will have a minimum of 5-8 years of physical design experience, withrecent successful tapeouts in deep submicron technology;

2.Expert in top/block level P&R implementation, including floorplanning, clock & powerdistribution, timing closure, physical & electrical verification;

3. Experienced inindustry standard tools, understand their capabilities and underlyingalgorithms;

4.Strong communicationskills;

5. Familiar withDC, ICC2 and power sign off tool is a plus;

6. Experience withDDR, PCIE is a plus;

7. Strongscripting abilities in PERL are needed; TCL or Python is a plus.

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