Avago Optoisolation and Optical Sensor Products

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Avago Technologies offers the industry’s best isolation technology along with the industry’s leading CMR performance

Avago Technologies optocouplers can be used in an array of isolation applications ranging from power supply and motor control circuits to data communications and digital logic interface circuits.

The primary purpose of an optocoupler is to provide both electrical insulation and signal isolation. The popularity of Avago Technologies optocouplers is due to cost effective innovations in these areas.

Optocouplers eliminate the effects of electrical noise caused by crosstalk, power glitches and electrical interference. They provide high voltage isolation allowing safe interface between high and low voltages in electrical circuits. They are also used for shifting logic levels. Avago Technologies’ key products include optocouplers with phototransistor output, digital and analog output, high speed and high gain performance, drivers for isolated gate transistors and intelligent power modules, smart current sensors, solid state relay (Photo MOSFET) and other application specific devices.

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