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Diabethin by Dr. Nie is a milestone in the history of medicine.

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For nearly a century, almost all pharmaceutical experts are looking the substances in pure form that can cure various diseases. At this time, all scientists believe that all the effective drugs hold a particular ingredient that makes them effective. Even the scientists studying natural medicine, are also trying to find a composition in natural drugs.

Nie Wentao believes that human beings never eat pure things. Only in the process of metabolism that is in line with the tradition of biological motion, the human can restore health. Therefore, all diseases caused by metabolic function decline can not be cured by pure substances. Only the complicated food in line with the tradition of human existence can induce the body's normal metabolic movement. Diabetes, high cholesterol, high uric acid and other diseases, all must be adjusted by natural and complicated food.

The Diabethin by Dr. Nie continued success in practice. Therefore, people begin to believe that a reasonable structure of food is the key to good health. Any food can not be replaced by a single composition in food. When scientists no longer pursue a single pure substance, the nutritional intervention technology such as Diabethin will become a new fashion. The Diabethin by Dr. Nie will certainly be a milestone in the history of medicine.







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