ST STEVAL-ILL022V1 80W太阳能充电器和25W LED街灯照明解决方案

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ST公司的STEVAL-ILL022V1是采用STM32F101Rx MCU的80W太阳能充电器和25W LED街灯照明解决方案.太阳能街灯控制器包括80W 电池充电器和25W LED驱动器.在白天有足够太阳光,充电器从太阳能电池板多电池充电,在晚上,电池为LED街灯提供能量.如果连续几天是雨天或多云天气,控制器采用AC火线给LED供电,直至电池有足够时间充满电.本文介绍了32位STM32F101x4 和STM32F101x6 MCU主要特性,方框图, 太阳能LED街灯控制器主要特性,系统方框图,电路图和材料清单.

The STM32F101x4 and STM32F101x6 Low-density access line family incorporates the high-performance ARM Cortex™-M3 32-bit RISC core operating at a 36 MHz frequency, high-speed embedded memories (Flash memory of 16 to 32 Kbytes and SRAM of 4 to 6 Kbytes), and an extensive range of enhanced peripherals and I/Os connected to two APB buses. All devices offer standard communication interfaces (one I2C, one SPI, and two USARTs), one 12-bit ADC and up to two general-purpose 16-bit timers.

The STM32F101xx Low-density access line family operates in the –40 to +85 ℃ temperature range, from a 2.0 to 3.6 V power supply. A comprehensive set of power-saving mode allows the design of low-power applications.

The STM32F101xx Low-density access line family includes devices in three different packages ranging from 36 pins to 64 pins. Depending on the device chosen, different sets of peripherals are included, the description below gives an overview of the complete range of peripherals proposed in this family.

These features make the STM32F101xx Low-density access line microcontroller family suitable for a wide range of applications such as application control and user interface,medical and handheld equipment, PC peripherals, gaming and GPS platforms, industrial applications, PLCs, inverters, printers, scanners, alarm systems, Video intercoms, and HVACs.

STM32F101x4 和STM32F101x6主要特性:

■ Core: ARM 32-bit Cortex™-M3 CPU

– 36 MHz maximum frequency,1.25 DMIPS/MHz (Dhrystone 2.1) performance at 0 wait state memory access

– Single-cycle multiplication and hardware division

■ Memories

– 16 to 32 Kbytes of Flash memory

– 4 to 6 Kbytes of SRAM

■ Clock, reset and supply management

– 2.0 to 3.6 V application supply and I/Os

– POR, PDR and programmable voltage detector (PVD)

– 4-to-16 MHz crystal oscillator

– Internal 8 MHz factory-trimmed RC

Internal 40 kHz RC

PLL for CPU clock

– 32 kHz oscillator for RTC with calibration

■ Low power

– Sleep, Stop and Standby modes

– VBAT supply for RTC and backup registers

■ Debug mode

– Serial wire debug (SWD) and JTAG interfaces


– 7-channel DMA controller

– Peripherals supported: timers, ADC, SPIs, I2Cs and USARTs

■ 1 × 12-bit, 1 μs A/D converter (up to 16 channels)

– Conversion range: 0 to 3.6 V

– Temperature sensor

■ Up to 51 fast I/O ports

– 26/37/51 I/Os, all mappable on 16 external interrupt vectors and almost all 5 V-tolerant

■ Up to 5 timers

– Up to two16-bit timers, each with up to 4 IC/OC/PWM or pulse counter

2 watchdog timers (Independent and Window)

– SysTick timer: 24-bit downcounter

■ Up to 4 communication interfaces

– 1 x I2C interface (SMBus/PMBus)

– Up to 2 USARTs (ISO 7816 interface, LIN, IrDA capability, modem control)

– 1 × SPI (18 Mbit/s)

■ CRC calculation unit, 96-bit unique ID

■ ECOPACK® packages

图1.STM32F101x4 和STM32F101x6方框图

The solar-LED streetlight controller consists of one 80 W battery charger and one 25 W LED driver. During the daytime, when there is sufficient sunlight, the charger converts the electricity from the solar panel and charges the battery. At nighttime, the battery powers on the LED lamp as streetlight.

If it is rainy or cloudy for several continuous days, the battery will gradually run out of power. The controller then resorts to the AC mains supply to power on the LED until the battery has had time to fully charge again.


Maximization of electricity conversion efficiency from solar panel by way of maximum power point tracker (MPPT)

■ Automatic day/night/weather detection

■ Automatic battery/mains switch over

■ Constant current control for LED lamp

■ Battery charge control

■ Optional LED lighting duration mode

■ Easy system monitoring via debug LED indicators

■ Full protection function for OTP, OCP and UVP








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