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NO.84-【猎头职位:北京需要一位  FAE 】联系人:Raymond-Chen,邮箱:hr@kthr.com,微信也可查询职位了!打开手机微信,搜号码“KTHR_COM”或查找微信公众帐号“KT人才”或扫描以上二维码即可添加,欢迎大家关注!


FAEwill assist the customer to understand and use our storage devices in theirproducts; with the goal to ultimately ensures successful production of customerdrives using our products. Typical activities include the following:

-Onsite customer support.

-Teach customers usage of our SSD controllers.

-Help customer review/debug firmware to support our SSD controllers.

- Support customer meetings and manage closure of actionitems.

-Become the central liaison between customer and our design team: clearlyunderstand and explain customer issues and requests to our support team.

-Debug issues on the bench or customer site for host/drive compatibility issues.

-Create problem report and present to customers.

-Collect feature requests from customers to design team to improve product.

-Competitive analysis.

-Conducting tests and documenting results as required

Understandingof Embedded System Design and Firmware Development.

-Serial ATA Interface and PHY.

-PCIe interface. NVMe.  eMMC.

-NAND technology and interfaces.

-Direct customer management experience

-Knowledge of SSD system requirements, customers, operation, and hands-on PC,MAC or server systems debug skills.

-Understanding of key HW and SW trends within the Client or Server industryincluding form factors, power, performance, software applications preferred.

-General knowledge about ASIC design and manufacturing flow.

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